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Electric Dog Fence Outline

Chris W. | Midlothian, TX

“Prompt and never gave up on training Knox. Gene came out several times until our dog was obeying his boundaries.”

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Jerry G. | Heath, TX

“I enjoyed talking with Tammy. She was helpful, very honest & direct and most of all, she was friendly”

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Albert E. | Granbury, TX

Good, honest & professional

Tanja C. | Royse City, TX

The were so curtious, knowledgeable about the dog guard fence and patient with our dogs! Very warm and endearing people and very tidy! I would highly recommend them! Thank you

Janice G. | Weatherford, TX

They answered all my questions. Were on time and professional. Did a great job and trained my 3 dogs. I was impressed how quickly they learned the boundaries. I would highly recommend this company!

Judy C. |

Yes. Great installation and service. We're very happy with our choice.

Susan C. |

Best thing we ever did for our dogs. Our German Shepherd was always getting out causing our other dogs to follow. Now they all know their limits and stop way short of the underground wire. I don’t have to worry ever about them getting out. The installation, training and service have been great! Very professional!

Pat D. | Flower Mound, TX

These guys are Great! They know their stuff, are pleasant, professional and 100% on followup! Highly Highly recommend!!

Ray B. | Valley Mills, TX

On time and I am very pleased

Camille S. | Athens, TX

They are very professional, arrived when expected and installed the fence. Mr. Morden then took care to train my dog. This was particularly helpful since I have a crippled leg.

George S. | Emory, TX

On time, efficient and did a very nice job.

Kim B. | Haslet, TX

Excellent customer service, extremely friendly and treated my dogs with much love and respect. Highly recommended.

Christopher B. | Arlington, TX

Gene and his family did a awesome job. They are very friendly and very good at explaining the process. Were great with my 3 dogs. I would recommend them to anyone who needs the in ground barrier fence.

Grant C. |

I highly recommend this company. They came all the way to Midlothian and laid fencing around our entire 14 acre ranch in one morning. They showed up on time, were extremely friendly and positive about the big job. It was extremely hot the day they came and it did not slow them down at all. They had to cross through a few creek beds, cross through like six fence lines, cross through a paved driveway, they had to locate some under ground wires (cause our local locate wire guy failed to come out prior), and they even had to dodge all of our livestock while they worked. They trained our four large livestock guardian dogs before they left. Our dogs are Anatolian Shepherds and Great Pyrenees, and before this no fence could contain them. Our dogs were used to chasing bicyclist and motorcycles, so we were worried they would knock someone off eventually. We tried several other options first and we had lost all hope in getting the issue fixed. I wish we would have found this company sooner, before we wasted money on other failed attempts to fix the dogs behavior. Our dogs responded strongly to the fence right away, and they have not tested the fence line since first being trained. It has solved our issue of the dogs chasing things and still allowed them free roam around our property to protect our livestock. So happy with this company, can not say enough good things about them.

Robert J. |

They came with a great attitude and very friendly. The job was done fast with great installation. Would definitely recommend this company.

John H. | Forney, TX

We hired dog guard to install our dog fence. After calling 3 other companies, we were pleased to be greeted by them. They came out to Forney and did exactly what they promised for the price they quoted. I suggest contacting them if you need to keep your furry friends contained in your yard.

Mary C. |

Absolutely love the Dog Guard. We wish we would have done it many years ago. It would definitely have saved our first 2 labs life. We live in a rural area and the dogs have so much room to roam and it can be quite dangerous. We've had it for over a month now and Gus is getting used to where he can go and where he can't. Would recommend to anyone that has a dog that loves to roam and doesn't always want to stay in their own yard.

Willis J. |

Very professional and friendly. Best price around.

Anonymous |

Dog Guard!!! They were so kind and helpful, answering any questions. The utility company didn't do what they were supposed to do by marking the area, but Gene and Tammy worked with it and figured it out. The machine they use left the tiniest trail. So tiny my son couldn't even find it! They spent time working with my dog to train him as well as well. They went above and beyond. I would highly recommend them.

Kim M. |

I highly recommend the father-daughter team of Dog Guard. They came to my house in Frisco more than once and notified us that the ground was too wet. Then they returned upon the time we rescheduled and were very punctual. They did an excellent job of communicating and training the dog. We are very pleased with the results and feel confident he will not be escaping anymore!!!

Brandi R. | Nevada, TX

This company was GREAT and I would absolutely recommend. They showed up at exactly the scheduled time, completed the install much, much quicker than I expected and were so knowledgeable about the process, equipment, training, etc. They trained the dogs and provided very detailed, but easy, instructions for training during the upcoming weeks, the do's and don'ts for the collars and pets. On top of all that, the folks were so friendly and personable. If I had another yard, I would use them again in a heartbeat!

Virginia C. | Malakoff, TX

Nice people who truly care about your pets.

Jim P. |

Dog Guard of Fort Worth did a fantastic professional and quick installation of our invisible fence and I would recommend them to anyone.

Anonymous | Frisco, TX

Good company. Extremely professional and would recommend

Alissa W. |

Found this company as an alternative to spending several thousand dollars on a privacy face to keep one of my dogs from escaping the yard. They are very friendly and got the job done quickly and my dog learned his boundaries by the time the left.

Sherry G. | Argyle, TX

Gene and his family are outstanding Christians to work with. They did a great job, were patient and kind in working with our dog and my husband and I. I could not be more pleased and would recommend them above any you might consider.

Tiffany G. |

Very professional and fast. Nice people. Dogs stay in the yard with no problems.

Yvonne L. |

Since having dog guard installed we have no problem keeping our dog inside his perimeters. Now we can even let him out at night or during the day without his collar and not worry about him getting off our property, he now automatically knows where his perimeters are.

Jimmy L. |

All Positive, one of the best things we have ever done for our dogs!

Frank A. |

Very knowledgeable, when he left our dogs were contained, only 1 break out at the beginning, but none since. I have a 125 lbs African borbel & 1 small Yorker, they both have separate sensitivity levels. I couldn't believe it when he left the daily breakouts were no more!!! I would definitely recommend their devices!!!

Samantha F. |

Arrived on time, were very friendly. Invisible fence works great with the dogs. The electric dog fence has worked great for me in Mansfield! I don't worry about my dogs getting out anymore!

Patricia C. |

"Seek and you shall find"... We had the need for Containment both inside and outside.... Our very, very active, inquisitive, Digger, and Exurberant Guest Greeter is very, very adept and elusive.... "Impromptu Restaint", NOT Glory be to our Father Above, prior to the installation of the Electric Fence, Gene Morten, by actively listening to our desired results, facilitated mutual understanding of service & product end results to satisfy our need.... He had to work very hard to satisfy this aboundant need to understand that I have... Gene did so patiently with his God given Spirit of Love, Joy, Kindness, Patience, and Peace.... We are very, pleased with our Containment System... The One Who Knows the End from the Beginning already knew before we acquired our Lively one...

Anonymous | Palo Pinto, TX

They were great with the dogs. Our property is rocky and I was worried they would be challenged in the project. Despite challenges, they were able to install pretty quickly.

Vicki G. |

Very professional, efficient and friendly. This is our second time to use this company and we have been more than pleased each time.

Gabrielle W. |

The dog guard system was exactly what we needed for our dog. I would recommend to anyone!

Wanda H. |

Gene and Melba are good people and it was a pleasure to meet them. They did a great job with the fencing and our two dogs. Gene even came back out twice ... once to work with our dogs some more and once to replace one of the collars that our puppy chewed up!

Don M. |

An excellent company which I HIGHLY recommend! Very professional, friendly, and concerned about our dog. The equipment is so much better than the stuff we installed ourselves from HDepot. I especially love the fact this is a Christian company and mainly what leaned us in their direction when we were searching for a containment fence. They were cheaper than the other companies we shopped. I am so glad we chose Dog Guard and know you will be too.

J. Cruz |

Absolutely amazing people, fast install, reasonable price and our dogs are safe in the yard!

Lisa C. |

Highly recommend! Gene and Melba were very professional, friendly and great with our dogs. Our dogs just love being to run around freely, thank you!

Dani B. |

Shout out to Dog Gaurd. This company is AMAZING. Not only have they kept my dog safe but they have come out to my house anytime that I needed them to change the fence or if my battery ran down they would come out immediately. Would highly highly recommend this company to any one looking into an electric fence'

Glenda E. |

Gene and Melba Morden both worked well together to install and train our dogs on the invisible fence. I contacted them and they came and gave me an est. They were able to set an appointment quickly and completed in one day. One of our dogs is old and deaf but he was able to adjust the level to work for her. We got a new puppy and Gene came to train him in a about on hour. It is so nice to let the dogs out in the yard and not having to worry they will run off or get hurt in the street. Very happy with their service.

Anonymous | Irving, TX

Very professional. Liked my dogs and dogs liked them so good at training them.

Chris L. |

They did a great job. Our dogs love the freedom to roam

Bill S. | Allen, TX

Very professional & friendly. Pleasure to do business with! Great value for the money. Highly recommend calling before you go with another electronic pet fence company.

Anonymous | Arlington, TX

Professional Service provider who understands Electric Fence benefits because of personal use, as well as knowledge of others' use of one. Initial familiarization of owners and pet to the Electric fence perimeters, with three parallel boundaries per side.

Lee S. | Lancaster, TX

Excellent value. Much cheaper than the other bids we received and the work was done quickly by professionals with the correct equipment and experience to match. Highly recommended. Much better price.

Angie W. |

Excellent service! Great product at a fantastic price.

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